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Helsinki Excursions & Group Packages

Get into the sprit of creativity… Test the beauty and charm of Helsinki or southern Finland and explore the history, nature and culture through different quality programs. We provide and customise these programs to best suit you.

Helsinki Sightseeing

Duration: 3-4 hours
In this escorted tour you will discover the superb historical centre and cultural landscape where the East and West engrave their history in various monuments, architecture and design. You will admire the contemporary art museum, Finland parliament, National museum, Finland Hall, new opera theatre and visit the Jan Sibelius monument, Imperial Square, Helsinki Cathedral, and the Orthodox Cathedral or Rock church.

Architectural Tours

Duration: 4-5 hours
The tradition of Finnish architecture in simplicity and clarity in a kind of asceticism evolving from native building materials and modern climate, from the medieval stone and wooden churches to the castles and stately mansions Jugendstil has been a powerful influence in the man-made milieu and the landscape. Our tour will focus on different Helsinki areas as new empire, new classicism, Jugendstil, functionalism and rationalism; you can explore all of this with us either walking or by bicycle.
Architectural Tours
To learn more about special architectural try tours such as: – Special Alvar Aalto program highlighting his works of art in Helsinki & Espoo including the visit to Finland Hall and his commitment home “ – Hivtträsk, the studio and home for the famous Finnish architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. The main building designed in National Romantic style, was built by the three architects at the beginning of 19th century.

Jan Sibelius special program

Duration: 4 hours
Jan Sibelius the great Finnish composer was a Finnish composer of the later romantic period, one of the most notable composers of late 19th and early 20th centuries. His music played an important role in the formation of the Finnish national identity.This excursion is a must for Sibelius fans. Its includes a visit to the Sibelius monument and his house “Ainola”, close to lakes and forest situated near Järvenpää 38km north of Helsinki.For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Helsinki Hotel for more information.

Finnish Design & Creativity programs

Duration: 4-5 hours
Finnish design is international to the very core its distinctive quality of simple elegance is an essential contribution to modern world design. This tour is an in-depth insight into the Finnish creativity in glass, steel, wood, textile and cloth. The tour includes a visit to the Arabia museum, Design Forum, Artek and Marimekko. for more information.
Finnish design

Archipelagos Cruise

Duration: 3 hours
The Cruise offers you a relaxing excursion along Helsinki shores and through the magnificent natural setting of the archipelagos. It’s the best trip to exploration of the nearby islands and famous historical buildings, monuments and the historical island fortress of Suomenlinna.Ask for information about the special program of the fortress of Suomenlinna.for more information.

Nature Programs

Duration: 5 hours
Finland is a land of lakes and forests, our various nature programs in Helsinki, Espoo and Tuusula lake include Nuksio national park in Espoo City or Seurasaari island, Old Town Bay and Artists in the Tuusula Lake road, will allow you to feel its nature and character, where you will smell the freshness of the lake, touch the wilderness and walk around the forests and islands. Choose the program that suit you best.

Cultural Programs

Duration: 4-5 hours
Helsinki has a huge number of museums, art galleries and Cultural centres, these customised programs include Helsinki sightseeing such as a visit to one museum or one art galleries and Cultural centres such as the Contemporary Art Museum, Design Museum, City Museum, National Museum, Wee Gee Exhibition Centre and Finnish science centre.
Customise program with us.

Special Program, day lifestyle

Duration: 5-6 hours including lunch and traditional Finnish sauna
Live as a Finn,” get together” to see Helsinki by our own reserved tram-bar or by underground. This program is a real touch of Finn dayflies; you’ll look at the creative and functional capital from different perspective. Tour highlights of Helsinki and its culture, history, architectural monuments and districts. The tour includes a Finnish gourmet meal and authentic Finnish sauna on the island.
Koff tram

Porvoo Old Town

Duration: 4-5 hours
Porvoo is an old second town in Finland located to the east of Helsinki, its offers a trip into history, its centre still has a dens medieval streets lined with wooden house, the picturesque river is lined with wooden warehouses painted with ochre. The medieval cathedral rises in the heart of the old town.
Our escorted tour take you into the past visiting the old town and its medieval cathedral. Our tour can include lunch or the visit to the house of the national poet house Johan Ludving Runeberg.
Ask for more information about cruise from Helsinki to the old town of Porvoo.



Duration: 5 hours
The City of Hämeenlinna was founded in 1639 It is important from a cultural and historic perspective and is a perfect example of nature and culture. This half day tour of Hämeenlinna is a combination between its nature, culture and history. The tour includes a visit to the castle of Hämeenlinna and lunch in Aulanko Park which is surrounded by beautiful natural and lake views.

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